Monday, March 30, 2015

Happy Easters!!!!

March 30, 2015

HOLAAA. Feliz semana santa yall! Hope you all have a great week but theres no doubt about that...because you´ll all be in HONDURAS whaaat?! Crazy people! So fun. Hope you all eat some gooood cruise food for me and dad that you use those patches and don't get too sea sick!

OK so this week started out with exchanges with the hermana leaders. I went to Roca and was with Hna Guzman form Monterey Mexico!! Shes so cute and it was fun talking with some one who understand my deep love for Mexican food and guac and salsa and buritos.

Okay so Wednesday was the saddest day of my mish! Our amazzzing investigator dropped us. She had us come over and just told us that she doesn't want us to come back and that she doesnt understand why there are so many less actives in the church and actually I don't really understand why all of this happened. She walked us outside and as I gave her a last hug we both just started balling and oh my goodness it was so terrible! Me and Hna Houston went back home and just began to cry together! Estela told us she is not going to stop reading the Book of Mormon and praying. I know one day she will be a strong member of this church because she is so amazing, and obviously this is not her time right now.

We met the CUTEST lil girls this week who are our newest investigators!! Virginia is 14 and her lil sis Aldana is 9. We had a lesson with them on Saturday and they no absolutely nothin about relgion or Jesus we just started with the supper basics and taught them how to pray! They wanted to come to church so bad (which is rare to find people like this so I was shakin in my boots of happiness) so were like okay we´re gunna come to pick you guys up at 7 am on Sunday and then we will take the bus together! So just to clarify, Cervantes doesn't have a chapel...or a used to be a branch, but they just closed the branch. Which is very hard for us missionaries because to get people to church we have to meet at teh bus stop at like /30 in the morn to take a bus to Roca in the city to the chapel. Anywayyys we went Sunday morn to get these two girls and I was just praying and praying in my heart that they would actually wake up early and come. By the way they live way in the middle of this huge orchard that is teh longest walk oh my my we got there and we clapped and we see the door open and they walked out! WOOOHOO! So we were so happy and all four of us took the bus together and went to church. Aldana is the cutest and I think was a lil tired cause in Sacrament meeting she just rested her head on my shoulder for a while haha. and Brinley!! I told her I have a sis who is basically her age and she wanted me to tell you that sh says Hola and says one day she hopes she can meet you!! SO these are our newest investigators and we are so exited to teach them.

Guess what... this is the last week of this transfer! crazy stuff. Hna Houston will probs be leaving, so we are sad and enjoying this last week together! Today is our zone pday so we are off to the chapel to play some futbol and eat some Argentine pizza. I love you all and hope you have a fabulous week! And hey hope you all enjoy general conference! I am so excited. The church is true!

Oh also, I am almost finished with the Book of Mormon. I had a goal to finish it before conference, and I am in 4th Nephi right now! I can say that I know it is the word of God and that this book truly has power.It testifies of our Savior Jesus Christ and as I read 3 nephi 11 this week, the spirit manifested to me that He truly lives. May we all remember His this week, and that because of Him, we all live and will live again.Love you all

Love Hermana Farrow

PS my newest fave missionary scripture is 3 Nephi 5 13. SO awesome. I love this work

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