Monday, April 6, 2015


 me and the cute lil runt of the new puppies that one of our fave dogs of the town had!! woohooo yeeehaww

Good times with the great hna houston and i in the middle of a chacra walking to our investigators house. self timer pics are the besssst
March 30, 2015

Well hey there everyone! Hope you all had a felizes pasquas!! I know I sure did. OKAY so President Lovell is making some crazy changes in the mission...soo my sweet lil area of Cervantes has been closed, just for the hermanas, so now the 2 elders have the whole town. So that means crazy unexpected transfers! I am in Neuquen! Hermana Farrow goes to the city! I am in the part called Limay. It is soo nice and maintained its so ridiculous compared to my last 2 areas haha I'm actually  can walk on paved roads and streets with stoplights you guys! It´s so cool. And soo many people oh my goodness! My district is all the office elders and the AP´s so that's sweet. And Pres Lovell is in my ward! Apparently this ward is el barrio celestial en la I'm pretty pumped. My new comp is Hna Rocha and is from Brazil. Shes 24 and her accent is kinda hard for me to understand cause shes new in the mish and learning spanish! So we are learning together! She got dat portuguese accent goin on. But she seems great and our apartment is HUUGE I am in Heaven haha. So yep here I am in a brand new transfer and area and things are going swell. So sad to say goodbye to my Hna Housty this morning at 4 am. Yes 4 am I am so exhausted cause i got less than 2 hours of sleep from packing and all that jazz hehe but all is well. Also so hard to say by to my recent convert Anyta and her mama Estela last night. Many tears were definitely shed and I just desire so badly for all to be well in their lives! I promised them Id come back and visit one day sooo yeah sorry ma and pa looks like you guys will behave to take me on a trip back to my patagonia home cause I missed the cruise this year haha.

Didn't you all just love general conference of so much? I absolutely loved it. Especially Holland´s talk. Man oh man I love him and the power in His words. I loved how the whole conference was based around the family, marriage, and the Atonement of Jesus Christ, because those truly are the things that matter most. What a beautiful spirit was felt as these prophets and apostles testified of the power and reality of the atoning sacrifice of our Savior and Redeemer. Because He lives, we have the opportunity to find peace and direction in this oh so chaotic world. Because He lives, we are able to start blank pages in our lives and look forward with faith. Because He lives we can not only have happiness in our day to day lives, but we have the opportunity to have lasting happiness and live with our families in the eternities to come. I know He lives.

I love my Savior Jesus Christ and it is an honor for me to wear his name and be a literal representative of Him for the next year of my life. I know I am far from perfect, but each day I am pleading with my Father in Heaven to help me become just a little bit more like my perfect example and older brother. Our weaknesses can be made to strengths as we turn and look for this Jesus in our lives (Ether 12 27 and 41). Pray to have te eyes to see the daily tender mercies and miracles the Lord puts in our paths and you will be able to see just how merciful He is. I have seen this and have felt the undeniable presence of the Savior in my life. Look for Him and you will find Him. I also had te chance to finish the Book of Mormon this week and reached my goal to finish before conference, and oh family and friends, that book is oh so true and I love it. Read and cherish it and you will see blessings being poured into your lives, I promise you!

I sure love my family and support group back at home! Hope you have a fantastic week. And hey cousin Elder Brandon Moon just wanted to give you a shoutout and say I love you tons! You are such an awesome missionary and absolutely loved your last letter. I know the joy and happiness you were talking about.

Make it a great week!
Hermana Brooke LeAnne Farrow

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