Monday, April 20, 2015

anothaaa week!!!

 In a letter from Elder Joshua Sulzen today.  Don't know if you've seen this.

 "Thats me bumpin into HERMANA FARROW in the mission office for the first time in my mission! ESCONDIDO REPRESENT!"

oh and another pic of me and hna Rocha on our way to ward choir practice hehe

Add caption These pics are of the first trio!
RIP hna amurrio

April 19, 2015

Hello my beautiful family!! Aww looked like you guys had such a great week and loved seeing the pics of my future sistaaaas wedding shower! chels you are so boootiful and I'm so excited for you and Blakey!

OKayy so family. Thank you for all your prayers! Really. They were def felt this week. Remember how I kinda had a rough week..well this one wasn't all so easy either haha but hey thats life right? Soo where to begin!

My district is super coool. We all live pretty close to the chapel so we pretty much play futbol every morning for exercise! So fun I love it haha. So Tues. morn we were playin soccer and my comp hna Rocha got this super bad pain in her back. Long story short, we began to walk home and the elders had to come give her a blessing in the dark at 7 in the morn on the side of the rode cause her pain was sups bad. ANd aw man I love the Priesthood...always get choked up when the elders give my comps blessings. We made it back to the pension and anyways long story short again we spent most of that day in the hospital! Turns out it was just somethin she ate and she is trooping along but we have to go back tomorrow morning  to have another test done? haha yay

OKKK and also this week we got a call from the APs telling us Hna Amurrio was being transfers (to my old area in Centenario) and that there was an emergency transfer in another area and that we would be getting a new companion, Hna Resquin. We were so sad to hear this because our lil trio was coming along and I absolutely loved Amurrio but hey its chill! Soo Hna Resquin is from Paraguay and looking forward to get to know her better.

We had a zone conference this week that was just so so great. I love Pres Lovell. He really is an inspired man and will be the prophet one day. Got some much needed personal revelation and insights!

Oh also guess who I finally saw! Elder Sulzen!! haha saw him in the mission office this week and is doing great!   He's a good kid. Oh and he's in Centenario tooo!

Its a struggle sometimes, the life ya know?? I feel like I say this every week, but our Heavenly Father knows us so perfectly and He has helped me in every moment of every day of these past 7 months. More in this week than ever! I find such peace and solace in turning to Him through prayer and the Book of Mormon. I sure love that book! I think I told this to Bails in my email to her, but I often get quite choked up when I think about the sacredness of my calling. When I really understand that I am a representative of my Savior and that I am part of the Lord's work, this is what helps me get through some tough days. Cling to the gospel my family! It is so true. I have always known it, without a doubt. But now I am only beginning to understand the importance of the gospel in our lives, how we are nothing without it. Always remember the goal you guys, its to make it back to our Father in Heaven. Esta vida es solo un tiempito! Las bediciones que nuestro padre celestial tiene preparadp para nosotros sone increibles!! Sorry its easier to say gospely stuff in spanish. I love you family. So so much. Mommy Im looking forward to Skype and cant wait to wish you a happy mamas day!!

Love hermanita farrow

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