Monday, May 4, 2015

Uncomfortable Smiles :-)

these pics are me and hna rocha after the movie in the citayyyy. City gurls lol

Walkin to church yersterday with mario and lautaro! cutest lil boys in town. mario is 12 and the only member of his fam and lautaro is 7 and im in love with him. he playes with my hair all through sacrament haha

this waS last night on the way to choir practice. the wind was crazy and ashes everywhere haha. but there are blue skies today and no ashes for now!!

me and my fave hnas from Centenario!!! So much love for them! and it looked good in black and white lol

May 4, 2015

HELLO! Hey everyone!!! whats goin onnnn. sounds like you all had a fun week..watching a boxing match and all. cant believe its already MAY?! que loco no? for reals where has the time gone. ANd bails is gradutating next month and my lil brother is getting married in like 20 days WHATTT.

Anyways this has been one real good weeek! Hna Resquin went home! Yeaaah president called us and was like you are going home tomorrow hna resquin. SO yeah now its just back to me and good ole hna rocha and for that I am so thankful because trios are a lil crazy but all is well now and we are working well together which is such a blessing and we are getting super close. Love her. Im excited for you guys to meet her when we skype hahaha I am teaching her English so she can say hi. We are excited.

Alrighty sooo on Thursday we had the AMAZING opportunity to go see Meet the Mormons and invite like everyone (investigators and less actives and members and randoms on the street) to come. And it was SUCH a success. The whole theater was fullll. And the movie was so great. But wanna know the best part...I saw my bestest friends in the mission like Hna Caballero! ANd ANyta (the girl who was baptized in Cervantes) and members from Cervantes and Centenario and omg it was the greatest night of my life seeing everyone! I don't think Ive had a happier day in the mission! Cant imagine how Heaven will be with all the reunions of loved ones and what not.

Also we had this new investigator, Walter!! Hes like 70 and super kewl. SO we were in a lesson with him this week and we{re talking and explaining the plan of salvation and all the sudden he stops us and asks, Why do you smile so much? He told us he felt uncomfortable cause we were smiling and so happy hahaha but oh man. The only answer we could think of to tell him was that we have the gospel in our lives and we are happy people!! So Hna Resquin whispered to me that I need to stop smiling in the lesson because he felt uncomfortable. Its hard to teach and not smile. But anyways Walter is such a good man. He wanted to guess how old we are, so he thought hna rocha was 40 and thought I was 32 HAHAHA oh my goodness it was the funniest thing cause he was dead serious. But ahh I love him and he told me he felt so much calmness come over him while we were teaching him and for the first time in a while his head didnt hurt! SO I was like this is the Holy Ghost, The spirit of God!! ANd he was like is it really?! and Im like yesss. He thought that was super cool and so did I cause it confirms to me that I am doing my job!

Cant really think of too much else that happened this week. The days all just mush together and for reals cant believe how quick its going by. I am doing good and smiling everyday, even if it makes people feel uncomfortable haha. Life is good and I feel ever so blessed to be on a mission in this crazy city of Neuquen. I love it. The ups and downs and twist and turns. Its all so worth it because there truly is no feeling in the world like being a representative of Jesus Christ and testifying of his life and perfect example.Hey if you're having a hard or sad or bad day, go out and help someone and I promise you'll be happy! I love you all so so much and am so happy to be Hermana Farrow! I{ll be talking to you all on Sunday! At like 4 or 5 my time okay!

Love, Hermana Farrrrrrrrow

ps these pics are me and hna rocha after the movie in the citayyyy. City gurls lol

and the and my fave hnas from Centenario!!! So much love for them! and it looked good in black and white lol


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