Monday, May 18, 2015


happppy bday to Martin!! this fam is such a special fam in our ward!! party at their house this weeek

and this was her celebration with the district yesterday for lunch!

happpy bday hna terry! my hna lider who's so so great

May 18th, 2015

Another great week has passed us by! Well transfers went down today! Hna Rocha got transferred to San Martin, the prettiest place in the mission. She was super sad to leave and totes cried this morning saying by. It was a crazy transfer and one Ill remember forever that's for sure haha! But a very very good one and I learned tons! And hey I am going to be training this transfer!! So I will meet/get my new comp on Thursday! Supper duper pumped and so excited. Latina or gringa?! we will seeee.

So this week was so so awesome. SO much happened I don't know where to begin! We had exchanges this week and the sweet lil Hna Narvaez came to Limay and we worked together. Shes from Colombia and it was so fun just to preach the good word together. We had such a successful day and saw miracles and we have an awesome new investigator named Pedro who has a baptismal date for the 13 of June. Exchanges are fun and I always love em

I had a super kewwwl experience this week that was super kewwl. So I got a lil sick this week for the very first time in the mish. Just this super bad headache and stuff (don't worry mom im fine). But anyways the nurse of the mish gave me some suggestions of what to do, and then said ya know the best medicine is a Priesthood blessing. But I kinda felt dumb calling the elders and asking them cause like I wasn't dying or anything, but I thought hey why not. Soo a lil while later 4 elders came over to the apartment and oh man 2 of them being the assistants cause they're in my district ya know. So embarrassing cause I had just woken up and looked awesome haha but its fine. Anyways they all came in and I asked on of the APs to give the blessing. He asked if I would like it in English, so that was super nice! Such an awesome blessing and he said some pretty neat stuff that was just what I needed to hear, like my Father in Heaven is so pleased with who I am becoming and that the work Ive done is incredible. And hey the Priesthood is restored cause I felt so much better the next morn and I am back to work mode!!

On Sunday we got to see the dedication of the new temple in Cordoba Argentina!! For reals it was soo sweet and Pres Uchtdorf came and gave an awesome talk. I loved it and so cool to have 2 temples in Argentina now! Now we just need one in Neuquen. One day for sure.

Well fam that's pretty much all for now! I'm super pumped for this upcoming week and to begin training! And soo excited for all of you and the wedding on Saturday! wooohooo! Ill be looking forward to Monday to see all the pics! so please send many! I love you all and you are in my prayers every day. Thank you for your love and prayers every day!! they are definitely felt over here on this side of the world.

Love hermanita farrow

ps okay so remember that one Utah girl who was serving a mish in argentina and she died on her mission...okay welll at a members house yesterday, i saw a pic of this missionary, and you guys I totally met her in the mtc! and it totally broke my heart to find out it was her who passed away. wow for reals cant believe it! how sad for her fam. But yep totally remember her! Love you allll!

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