Monday, March 16, 2015

The Best of Days!

March 16, 2015

Hola mi familia! como estan mis queridos?! esta semana fue muy bien. re copado. De verdad, una semana para recordar. okay so the internet is like slow and super sketchy so hopefully this'll send! But hey fam I miss you and hope you had a great week! Hna Houstons fam was all in Oceanside this week for spring break and went to the beach and sea world and the temple and all that jazz! So fun.

But for reals this week was so awesome. We went to Roca on Thursday for interviews with president!!! He is so awesome and just the cutest lil man. Our interview was so so good. I got a lil emotional expressing to him my love for being a missionary and for this amazing mission we are part of. He gave me a bunch of advice and at the end he said that I am a wonderful young lady and a fantastic missionary! woohoo! haha He's the best. I got super pumped from this interview and just had so much animo to work work work!

Me and Hna Houston decided to put some new goals for the week and our main one was to create an environment for the spirit to dwell during our lessons. Because sometimes the way we are sitting or if their is music or if the tv is on or somethin. Anyways this was our goal and we sure achieved it!

Friday the 13th had nothing on us this week! Friday was a day of pure MILAGROS!! We were lead to so many prepared people and were blessed with the exact words to say in the very moments that we needed them. Remember the girl Anyta who was baptized the first week I got here in Cervantes? Well here mama, Estela, is now our investigator. She is the sweetest lady and so so ready to be baptized. She has a strong testimony and she is just one of those people that unserstands everything we teach. we have been waking up 30 mins every morning to give up this lil part of sleep to be able to know her needs and how we can help her. Friday night we had a lesson with Anyta and it went super well. Then at the end of the lesson, Estela and the other family members who aren't members came into the house. So our lesson was a lil interrupted, but all good. So they all just started talkin and drinkin mate...and it began to get later and we had to go. And i got this lil thought to Show the mormon message, because of Him. SO I asked if we could watch it with all them before we left. And we did, and after the vid I looked over and they are all crying! soo awesome. That vid always brings the spirit so strong. After the testimony I bore my testimony of Christ and his redeeming power. I bore testimony and told them that what we were all feeling in this moment was the Spirit of the Lord, and that the job of the spirit is to testify of truth, so these3 things must be true. This lesson was much needed and I know that we all felt the Love of God that night and I know the Spirit touched their hearts. This is why I love missionary work...just seeing the change the spirit makes in these people. PLease keep Estela in your prayers. I know she will be baptized, and she knows it too, but she either needs to get married or move out with this guy she's living with. But miracles happen every day and God is a God of miracles, I know we just need to work our hardest and leave it all to Him.

I truly love this work. I will never get tired of testifying of my Savior and his gospel. Dangit I have so much to say but so little time, but just know that my life is changing as I strive to live in a way to be worthy of the Spirit each day in order to be an instrument in the hands of the Lord. He is at the head of this great work and it is a privilege to be part of this missionary force.

I am so happy and me and hna Houston are just lovin life and workin hard here in the bottom of the world in the middle of nowhere. Life is so good and we are so blessed to have the fulness of the gospel in our lives. So so blessed!

YAY congrats to Bails for being a capa (that means an awesome person) and getting into BYUI for the fall woohoo! and yay brin you are such a cute lil girl and good job in your variety show! Thanks Brit for the cute pics and quotes! And ahhh baby Em started walking yayyy! por favor da mis sobrinitos un beso de su tia brookie! I sure love my sisters! and hey blakey I love ya! que lastima i didnt get an email from ya this week pero todo bien. haha i know youre a very busy almost married man! I love my parents tooo! keep being awesome and thanks dad for always sending me james weeks emails? hahaha oh man. Have a fantastic week! I'm off to play some futbol with the zone! chau chau les quiero!

xoxo, hermana farrow

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