Monday, June 8, 2015

anotha week

June 8, 2015

Hermana Meyers returns

I ate goat....and liked it!

Helllo everyone como estannn?! I hope you all just had a fabulous week! I know I sure did. But really, it was a great week here in this part of the world! But first some SHOUTOUTS to mother and father dear!! Happy anniversary you two love birds! 28 years and still going strong. SO proud. Love you two! And BAILLS my beloved little sister I am so proud of you for graduating and making it out alive! You did it yayyyy! The best years are right around the corner hehe. Love you sister.

But yeppp here we go! So this week was a good one! I've been focusing a lot lately on the talk Converted unto the Lord from Elder Ballard. Its so great and talks about the difference of just having a testimony of the gospel, and from being converted unto the Lord. If you have 5 mins this week, go read it!! Anyways, I have been tired of trying to be super obedient and teaching lessons and not seeing progress with investigators. Like why do they not progress?! But I realized that just by trying to be obedient and going through the motions wasn't enough. The Lord doesn't require perfection, but I know I am part of HIS work and it need to give it my all..or in other words work with all my heart might mind and strength like it says soo many times in the scriptures. My comp and I decided to fast this week because I had no doubt in my mind that it we did, we would see a miracle. So we fasted on Wednesday, and wouldn't ya know, the Lord keeps his promises! That night we were coming home from a long day of work without having much success. We decided to go by a lady's house who we had contacted a few weeks ago. We knocked and she opened the door and totally invited us in. We began talking and she told us that she is searching for the truth, or searching for something to believe in. I wish ya'll could see the smile on me and my comps faces! She just had a baby 3 months ago and is the sweetest lil lady! the only thing is she is not married. But we couldn't stay for long, so we came back the next day and taught her t restoration and it went super well! We did not invite her to be baptized because for some reason it did not feel like the right timing, but we have a lesson planned with her tomorrow so I am excited! Keep Adriana in your prayers!! Just another testimony builder that Heavenly Father hears our pleas and answers our prayers.

We had stake conference this Saturday and Sunday and it was super good and uplifting. It was all about Sabbath day observance and the importance of not getting offended by others (not letting that keep you from going to church). Because that is a huge problem here haha. We are working with many less actives!!

Oh and remember one of my MTC comps, hermana Myers, well she went home in the very first transfer due to a concussion. But shes totally healed and came back this week and is in my zone!!  i saw her on Sunday and it was soo good ot talk to her!!

I think Marisol sent you pics mama, but yesterday we went to her house and had an asado! And guess what guys, I ATE GOAT and it was delicious. Ill attach a pic of me simply manning the bbq.

Well fam I believe that is all for now! Just here down in Neuquen in the cold but I'm all smiles. I am doing well and the work is coming along. We are going bowling as a zone today so that'll be funnnn! Have a great week and go read that talk!! Love you all!

Hermana Farrow

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